Software Testing Series Introduction

Hello everyone,

Today, I am going to introduce a new tutorial series about software testing. Software testing is a pretty big topic (with frameworks and scenarios) but I am thinking about writing the following list. Hopefully it might help you to figure something about the topic and they can be useful notes for myself :).

  • Why should we write tests for the software?
  • How many types of tests can we write?
  • XUnit sample in the sample Azure Function App. (with NSubstitute mocking libraries)
  • Jest sample in the sample React Native application.
  • Cypress sample in the sample React Native application.

Thinking of writing every week at least one item from the list. (Hopefully I can :)) If you would like to add any required topic for the better understanding, you can contact with me via this post or article[at]cinarr[dot]com

See you in the first post 🙂

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